Once - Adverb
'on one occasion or for one time only'

Twice - Adverb

'two times, on two occasions'

Thrice - Adverb

'three times, on three occasions'

Quadrice - Adverb

'four times, on four occasions'

Pentice - Adverb
'five times, on five occasions'

Hextice - Adverb

'six times, on six occasions'

Heptice - Adverb

'seven times, on seven occasions'

Octice - Adverb
'Eight times, on eight occasions'

Nonice - Adverb
'Nine times, on nine occasions'

Decice - Adverb
'ten times, on ten occasions'

Oxt - adjective
'Not this X but the X after'

E.g. 'let's meet oxt weekend'

Troth - predeterminer
'used for emphasis to refer to three people or things, regarded and identified together'

Salad- noun

a dish of various mixtures of raw or cooked vegetables, usually seasoned with oil, vinegar, or other dressing, must contain lettuce but can't just be lettuce and one more thing

Brunch - noun
A meal which consists of fancy takes on breakfast items, can be eaten at any time. ​